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We invite all of the customers to "Ginsui yu" for free.

Japanese SENTO

About “Ga-jyun”

Guest house Ga-jyun is surrounded by Heian zingu, Shorei in, Chio in, and a lot of historic sites. And what’s more, the transport system is very convenient.

In the garden, there is one big plum tree. That is the main symbol of Guest house Ga-jyun. In the season of a plum tree, we want you to make yourself comfortable by the beautiful plum tree in the wooden deck garden.
Besides, we would like to receive you with flowers of each season.
We look forward to meeting you here in Guest house Ga-jyun!!!

THERMAE ROMAE Japanese public bath experience, Flowers of each season, and relax with a live concert…

The owner runs Sento ( Japanese public bath) near Ginkaku zi, and we want all of our customers to experience Nansui yu ( soft hot water bath), so we invite you to Sento!
On Sundays, it has Rose bath. We are the first to have Rose bath in Japanese Sento industry!!! We definitely want you to experience this Japanese culture!!!

In addition, now we are trying to work on having a live concert, Rakugo event ( Japanese traditional comic storytelling), Japanese culture lessons, and more… We want not only the customers to this guest house but also the customers to the cafe and our neighbors to enjoy our entertainment!!!


  • Owner: Ichiro



  • Kaori



  • Yukiko



  • Jiro