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  • All users must remember


    Regular check-in hours are from 3pm to 9pm. Please let us know in advance, if you are running late or plan to check-in after 9pm.

    Before 10am


    We prepare bread and drinks for free as morning service for you.

    Please pay at check-in with cash. Credit card is available only with a payment over 5,000 yen.
    Baggage storage service

    You can keep your baggage in our place before check-in and after check-out. In dormitory, there are lockers. Feel free to use them. Enjoy your trip before and after your stay!!!
    Long stay

    We accept it if it is more than 1 week.

    All rooms are non-smoking. There is smoking area in the garden.

    1 (Only for the guest who pays the staying fee more than 5,000 yen per a night, Free, Reservations required)

    We have Gajyun’s mascot dog,Jiro.
    If you mind this matter,please refrain from staying here.
    In addition to this,we are afraid that all animals regadless of type and size are not allowed.

  • We have… We rent…

    • washing machine (100 yen/a time)
    • drying machine (200 yen/a time)
    • hair dryer(free)
    • bicycle (500 yen/a day)
    • bath towel(100yen/each)
    • shampoo・liquid soap(free)
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    a great deal of traditional Japanese house

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    a great deal of traditional Japanese house against the wall, we have the very best Kyoto souvenirs in various kinds.


  • Living room

    PC and Wi-Fi are available for free. You can drink coffee and all sorts of tea for free anytime!

  • the second floor Lounge

    the lounge with a foot massage

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    Bath room

    2 rest rooms on the first floor, 2 rest rooms on the second floor


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    Shower room

    2 shower rooms on the first floor.

    We drive you to and from Sento (Japanese public bath) “Ginsuiyu”, that is the owner runs, for free. ( It takes around 10 minutes by car from here.) “Ginsuiyu” is closed on Frideays. Ask pickup time at the front desk.

  • Garden

    The symbol of this guesthouse! The plum tree typifies. In addition, we will be happy if you relax with flowers of each season at the wooden deck terrace. The entire staff works hard to keep the beautiful garden for you!

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    refrigerator,microwave oven,tableware…Please feel free to use.


  • Jiro

    We have Gajyun’s mascot SIBA dog,JIRO, who is one of our staff and work every day at Ga-Jyun. We are trying to training JIRO but he is so friendly that he sometimes jumps towards you…. We appriciate your understanding especially for guests who dislike dogs, with little child, have an allergy with dogs. If you mind this matter, please refrain from styaing here. Thank you again for your understanding.

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